Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I even had time for two.

Just posting, not much to tell about it.
except that a farmer told me to be carefull about cows and bulls
in a field. ......... the bull could kill you!

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boneman said...

I asked one of m'neighbors if it would be ok to paint his buffaloes.
"yeah, just don't spook them...."
Going out t'paint 'em, one of them, the biggest bull, comes over to the six foot fence betwee us, and he stands a clean foot taller at the shoulders.
Maybe two feet taller....
I decided I would just take a photo and maybe, after the picture was mostly painted, I'de sit in m'car t'finish it up.

Then again, I asked one of our other neighbors if I could paint his donkeys.....
He asked me
"what color y'gonna paint him?"