Monday, October 29, 2007

Rainy morning in Doesburg. Holland.

Although Judith from the blog "Kats in Klompen." posted
about the great autumn colors that the trees here got.
I noticed that it was wet also, ... very wet!
Not a bad thing because some thing are getting a mystical
view this way, and that's also a nice thing of this season.

"Regenmorgen in Doesburg." Doesburg, Holland.
(Rainy morning in doesburg.) Oil on board.
16 x 24 cm.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Packing for Leerdam, ... again!

Rob IJbema, from Painting Wales Diary,
is coming to visit Holland for a few days.
We agreed to meet in Leerdam and getting to paint there,
.. so I am packing some few stuff.

This one IS from Gorinchem, through the old town runs a channel, with all
kinds of little platforms. In the late afternoon is was a nice place to be,
with warm Sun and out of the wind, ... gorgeous to make a watercolor.

"Gorinchem." Gorinchem, Holland.
Watercolor & Indian ink. on 300 grms paper.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back from Leerdam. Holland.

Wow that was some days off!!
Leerdam and for that matter Gorinchem, Columborg, and all
those other places there are such a treat, could paint for years
over there. This little painting was a view from a nearby dike road.

"Dijkweggetje bij Herwijnen." Herwijnen.
(Dike road by Herwijnen.) Oil on board.
18 x 24 cm.

Not much time now, tomorrow more.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Little doodle. Holland.

A little doodle from a "Match-stick" sketch I made
last Thursday as well, ....

Now I am off for a few days, goodbye!

"Bospaadje." Rozendaal, Holland.
Watercolor & Indian ink on 300 grms. paper.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Orangery, Holland.

Lesson # 104502752395720535:

When ever you gonna paint inside a park or museum or what ever, DO check the closing time!!!

I was nearly 15 minutes started and a nice man came chatting about other painters and how he admired those people, and so forward. at one moment I said "I give you my business card so I can paint further, the light is changing soo rapidly." Okay he answer, but warned me that the whole place would shut at 17.00 hr. :-O that was just 30 minutes away!! So I place my mobile right next to my painting and painted like a mad man, ... invaine, I never made it to the end, ....

"Orangerie Rozendaal." Rozendaal, Holland.
(Orangery Rozendaal.) Oil on board.
18 x 24 cm. 45 min.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heath, Holland.

Today's little sketch.

"Loenermark." Arnhem, Holland.
Watercolor & Indian ink on 200 grms paper.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Church tower Doesburg. Holland.

Again a watercolor, ... with Indian ink.
This is Doesburg, been there before but never done a watercolor

"Doesburg." Doesburg, Holland.
Watercolor & Indian ink on 200 grms. soft yellow paper.

The yellow van. Holland.

The other quick sketch I made yesterday, ..
had less time but again a nice practice.

"De gele bus." Zutphen, Holland.
(The yellow van.) Watercolor & Indian ink on 200 grms. paper.
18 x 24 cm.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Zutphen, Holland.

Today's effort was done in watercolor, ...
I went shopping with my girl in Zutphen a very old
town nearby, and a few times she wanted to look around
in a shop that I wouldn't, so that a nice moment to practice on some drawing.

This was done with a matchstick and Indian ink, at home
I put in some watercolors. Got by this idea from Edward Wesson
It works very well because you haven't got the possibility to make large errors.

Made two today, the other I will post tomorrow.

"De drie potten." Zutphen, Holland.
(The three pots.) Watercolor and Indian ink on 200 grms paper.
18 x 24 cm.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jachthuis St. Hubertus. Holland.

As promised

Everybody who visited Holland, must visit the
"Hoge Veluwe" and especially "Het Kröller Müller museum."

I biked there and painted
"Jachthuis St. Hubertus Hoge Veluwe." That's where the
owners used to live when they where hunting or what ever.

Kröller and Müller that is.

It felt almost sacred, to paint there.

"Jachthuis St. Hubertus, Hoge Veluwe." Arnhem, Holland.
Oil on board. 18 x 24 cm.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Lekker fietsen." ( voor Rob.)

Some time ago Rob IJbema (a Dutch artist living in Wales) painted "Lekker fietse." Today I went for a trip on my new bike, to the "Hoge Veluwe" a national park with a great museum on it "Het Kröller Müller museum." In the park there are everywhere white bikes to lend, and everybody biking around. That's why I had to think of this work from my friend Rob.

A great trip, ... made two paintings tomorrow the other one. :-P

"Lekker fietsen." Hoge Veluwe, Holland.
Oil on board. 24 x 30 cm.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just an other road. Holland.

Couldn't find a nice spot today, ....
maybe it was my own mistake, after a busy morning
trying to paint a quickie in the afternoon, ....
that usually doesn't work!

Anyway, this one I saw as I went back home,
the lovely yellow glow with the low Sun made me
choose this spot.

"Larensteinselaan." Arnhem, Holland.
(Larensteinse alley.) Oil on board.
18 x 24 cm. 1½ hr.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Under the Leilinden. Holland.

Today I stayed a little closer to home,
have to do some jobs around the house, ....

"Onder de Leilinden." Westervoort, Holland.
(Under the Leilinden.) Oil on board.
18 x 24 cm. (sold.)

These are so called "Leilindes."

In the earlier days they grew them for the shade
and against the insects. The flowers are very suckered
and sticky so much insects get trapped in these trees.
As for a parking lot, these trees are a disaster.
You can imagine what all that sticky stuff does to
your car, ....

Monday, October 08, 2007

War cemetery Oosterbeek. Holland.

I wanted to paint this scene a long time,
and today I had the chance to do it.
The light was gorgeous and the sun was shining right
on the memorial cross, an awesome sight!

"Oosterbeek." Oosterbeek, Holland.
(Oosterbeek.) Oil on board.
18 x 24 cm.

Photo from;
"Bed and Breakfast The Netherlands"
(Thanks for the reminder)

To get some more information about this War cemetery click.
> Oosterbeek <

Friday, October 05, 2007

Foggy morning. Holland.

The time of nice special weather has started!!
Fog, snow, rain and wind all the time there is
something happening and so also something to paint!!

This painting is probably the fastest I ever have done,(20 min.)
after that time the Sun burnt away all the fogginess, ...

"Het vertrek van Patria." Arnhem, Holland.
(The leaving of Patria.)"ALL ON BOARD!!" lol.
18 x 24 cm.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

"The gathering." Holland.

Trees, especially in a forest I keep finding them hard to
grasp, .... choices, choices, choices.
At least these two birch trees made a good point of focus.

"Samenkomst." Rozendaal, Holland.
(The gathering.) Oil on board.
24 x 30 cm.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My mouse died. Holland.

After years of running willingly over my monitor,
and clicking on every spot I wanted to click,
my mouse passed away yesterday evening.
I had not had the change to post the new paintings I made.

Today I have a new mouse, an optical one
very slick, .... :-D

Here the two paintings I made:

"Terug naar Poelwijk." Gendt, Holland.
(Back to Poelwijk.) Oil on board.
24 x 24 cm.(sold.)

"Scheve Platanen." Gendt, Holland.
(Skewed Platanen.)Oil on board.
18 x 24 cm.