Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two brushess and a knife.

Yesterday i bought some new brushess, flat ones from acryl.
It made me wonder if i could replace my hog and sable brushess.
And indeed i think i can. Now i take the step to paint only with
3 flat brushess ( # 20, 18 and 16) and one sable brush and a palette knife.
Today i only used, 2 (# 20 and the sable one)
maybe i also could lose those other two, ........... who knows.

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Daniela Lot said...

Thx for sharing the information about the process!
Today, when i went to buy more acrylics, I also bought a knife, because i needed something to mix the colors.
Reading your post I had an idea about how i can use it in my paintings.
I'll experiment it tomorrow :)