Monday, October 23, 2006

Wauw what a day.

Finally a day painting, out with the bike and walking.
Marvelous, that's life !!

This one made in Sonsbeek park, Arnhem, Holland.
A very nice park with beautiful trees old lake's and rivers.
A bit like paintings from Carel Willink (a dutch artist.)

And this one a bit odd, it's done near one of the main
highway's in Holland to Germany the A12. This little
road goes to a small field for horses or cows. Their many of those little fields to loud to place home's and to small to make a sport field of it, .... lucky me ;-)


Daniela Lot said...


Such enthusiastic post!!
You look happy, René... :)
That's nice to know. You, that so many times has made my day better with your great paintings or remarkable comments...

And, wow, u put a link to my blog!
Ha, as far as i know, u are the first one to do it. My favorite painter (i can say it, cause u never display the comments) has linked my blog... I am happy :)

As always, i loooooved your paintings!!!

Ed Terpening said...

I really like the first composition, great balance, nice calm color harmony. All that translates to a nice sense of place and atmosphere.

Daniela Lot said...

How did u do these steps?
You painted all the background first, and then used other colors...., or you did it step by step?