Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not a spot to find.

Horrible today, walked around in 3 little towns and couldn't find a single spot.
Yeah a funeral but i couldn't do that. Tomorrow it will be pouring the whole day,
i think that i gonna frame work, clean my studio a bit a make a palette fitting my
painting backpack. For now a painting done this week, didn't post it yet.

"Kerkje van Groesen." Groesen. Holland.
Oil on board.
8 x 10 "
Painted 2 Hr.


Anonymous said...

Mooi werk René. Op je site is 'kerkje in Huissen'mijn favoriet.
Jan Verhulst

Anonymous said...

Mocht het een troost zijn: Het regent hier al de hele week minstens net zo veel René. Grauw en vooral donker!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rene,

I'm thoroughly impressed with your work and would like to invite you to participate in the MyArtPlot movement. At, you have social, professional, and commercial tools at your finger tip to fight against elitism. As a daily painter, please consider inspiring others with your energy and work by participating! Contact me if you have any questions, I'm the community facilitator there.

Kim Jackson-

naquaiya said...

Your work is really wonderful. I just love your palette. Your paintings give me a mood for what the landscape is like without ever having been there. Maybe someday I could be so lucky as to travel to see these wonderful scenes. Keep painting in your terrific style.

René PleinAir said...

Dank je Jan,
Dat kerkje "popte" ineens op,
licht compositie etc.

René PleinAir said...

Een kleine troost Bart,
Het is wel het seizoen van veranderingen. Wind, regen, licht zonsondergangen en opgangen, wel wat anders dan zomers.

Dank voor je ondersteuning ;-)

René PleinAir said...

Thank you Naquaiya,
I'll try.