Saturday, December 09, 2006

How lucky i am.

An other blogger posted this, i find it soo true and worthy
to place it also on my blog:

I have so many things to thank. First because I am healthy. Second i wanna thank my father, who has taught me to be honest, and my mother, who showed me how to be sweet. Then i wanna thank my (real and virtual) friends. With my friends i have learnt that: * i must be egoistic, and think first about myself, not because i dont care for the others, but because i cant help anyone if i dont help myself first, * they showed me that i am responsible for my life, and so i must go for what want for me, and work a lot, and face the difficult steps, * they also said i must be generous with myself, because it's no easy to face our "bad" sides, * and they also explained me that what we consider "bad" is our most beautiful side, because it will show to us ourselves with no masks, and we can look at us naked and from there we can grow and know ourselves better, * my friends are so nice that they never hid the truth...they always said what they thought and never tryed to protect me...sometimes i didnt like to hear what they thought, but doing this they were showing me who they really are, and so i was able to know with whom i was dealing with, and it also helped me face my "bad" sides, * my friends told me that every day i have a lion to kill, and no matter how much we grow, there will always be a lion on our way, * with my friends i learnt that it is easy to be enlightened meditating in Himalaia, but it worths so much when you can get flashes of light facing the difficulties of daily life in the middle of the city caos, * my friends showed me that nobody can cause us any damage, or irritate or offend us...because when we are self-confident, and know who we are, we become strong, and what others think is their problem, not ours, * and, when i used to say: "i am so imature, i have nothing to give you, and you give me so much", they usually answered: "there isnt a one-way road, Dani, you learn with me, and i learn with have the courage to put in practice all we know in theory". There are so many other things they taught me and i could write for hours and hours, but i can continue this another time. Most of them are not internet users like i am, and sometimes i wonder if i should stop using the virtual world too, but then i remember the nice people i have met here, and for these great and amazing guys i keep coming and writing and commenting and chatting. I dont know much about some of my virtual friends, but i have learnt to trust my intuition, and my intuition says there are some wonderful people among these guys. For all these great human beings that have crossed my life i want to leave one of my favorite flower, the Strelitzia. I am so luck that once in a while i see one of these on the streets where i pass.

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gregg said...

keep up the effort. paint everyday. good luck