Monday, January 01, 2007

First of many.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!!
One of the things i want to get into this year is painting with watercolors.
Did some tweaks today @home, ....... hope it's getting somewhere.
Watercolor #1


Frank A. said...

...And a , "Happy New Year" to you and yours as well, Rene.
A great "look" to your Blog...
It will be interesting to follow your quest with the H20 colours. I wish you much success with them. Hmmm, perhaps with the new studio (Atelier),:-) I will be able to "play" with the water colours.
I hope that you are feeling better soon and back to paintng.

Take care...

Lori McNamara said...

Its off to a great start, I am planning on playing a bit with water colors too. I am glad to see you are well enough to paint.

rob ijbema said...

good to see a different media,lots of possibilities,maybe a bit more contrast in the fore ground!? ;-p

Laura Wambsgans said...

This is a beautiful watercolor Rene. I am looking forward to a whole year of great work from you. Thank you for your encouragement. Happy New Year! Laura

Daniela Lot said...

It's lovely, René.
Hope you are doing fine :)

René PleinAir said...

Thank you all,

Funny to see so many of you also give it a try. I think it will boost my oil paintings as well.
Less is more they say often.