Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Main road Westervoort.

A lovely day to get out,
they forecast heavy wind tomorrow, .... again!!
This is THE MAIN road through my little town,
you can see the little church our main eye catcher
and also the train bridge that runs over the IJssel .
Westervoort hasn't got a train station, at least not yet,
they are thinking/talking about it though.

"Dorpstraat II."Westervoort. Holland.
Oil on board. 7 x 9"


Daniela Lot said...

I wonder after how many paintings i'll get to know aaaaallllll your little town, René...

So far, it looks like a lovely place to live, but yes...must be that i like your paintings... :)

René PleinAir said...

I bet it does Daniela, some parts of this town are sooo depressing!
If i only made one painting of that area you wouldn't visit me ever again. ;-P

But i glad you came by, thanks!