Monday, February 26, 2007

"De Pastorie." Groessen. Holland.

The last time i went to Groessen a saw this scene when biking back home.
Although it wasn't so sunny as then it's still a nice place to paint.
"De Pastorie." Groessen.
Oil on board. 9 x 12"
I don't know how to call it in English, ... pastorie? .... vicars-house?


Schuivert said...

Nice René!
Looks like you were standing on a big parking place in the middle of the village when painting this, great that you just do that without minding onlookers or whatever too much.
Pastorie is vicarage or parsonage according to my old dictionary. A big house for a pastoor btw.

René PleinAir said...

Indeed Bart i was standing in the middle of a parking lot. You get used to onlookers here b.t.w. Holland is sooo overcrowded it doesn't matter where you are. ;-)

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

In England this would be a vicarage. They were often quite large, partly because people tended to have large families in the old days, but mostly because the house and the land it stood on was the "property of the Church". So it had to look solid and respectable!

Vicars themselves had very little income to live on and were usually 'as poor as church mice'.

Lovely painting, Rene.

Heidi Malott said...

Wonderful painting! The cars lined up here is so well done!!