Thursday, February 08, 2007


Yes really SNOW.
In the past it was common to have snow here
but the last years, not so much.
So if it's snows iam of, .... hèhè ;-)

Biljoen. Velp. Holland.
Oil on board. 12 x 15"(sold.)


Daniela Lot said...

I liked the colors you used, René.
There's a nice atmosphere in this painting.

I wonder where that snow you had in the past is now... Here it didnt come, unfortunately... :)

rob ijbema said...

good to see you having fun in the snow,good thing you were ill last week and not now!

René PleinAir said...

Thank you both to visit.
Yes Rob, im very lucky that i could get out. Not so much snow here now a days.