Friday, March 23, 2007

"Just around the corner." Holland.

Finally the weather is a little better,
they forecast SPRING after this weekend!

I biked around in Velp today, a lovely little town
with some nice buildings and little streets such as this one
just around a corner, ......

"Net om de hoek." Velp. Holland.
Oil on board. 9 x 12"(sold.)


Anonymous said...

Hi René, I was looking trhough my old logs and I saw your name again. I was pleasently suprised to find thís site of you.
Wonderfull works! Still can't understand how you manage to paint so very much!!
As for myself: a pity that I can't always find the time for painting. That's also the reason why I'm not so active at our (dutch)painting and drawing forum. But I promiss to visit the forum soon.
I wiss you much succes with this site of yours!

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Annelies,

Keep painting!