Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lentemorgen. Holland.

Springmorning that is, ... rushed outside this
morning because when the Sun heats everything up
the showers are coming.
This was quite in the neighborhood.
so home before the first one. ;-P
"Lentemorgen. Westervoort. Holland.
Oil on board. 9 x 12"(sold.)


Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Rene,

I like the way you composed the image to lead the eye into the painting with the winding path.

Marina Broere said...

Hi Rene,
I have added a link to your blog from both my blogs.

By the way, how do get those wet paintings safely home by bike?


René PleinAir said...

Hi Jennifer,
I am very keen on the composition, a rather walk a few minutes around then just paint ahead. With a viewcatcher it's quite easy to see how thing would work out.
Thanks for visiting.

Great! thanks, ill have a look.

I take my wet panels back home with a self made "wet panel carrier" .
Dank voor het bezoekje.

Jos van Riswick said...

hello master rene,

a nice one, this one, i like the
way the eye is lead.....


rob ijbema said...

spring seems to get the best out of you rene....COLOR!!!!

love your Dutch buildings,the roofs are so interesting

Anonymous said...

I really love most of your paintings especially this one, they have a great feeling of atmosphere to them. Your minimal use of color works great. Have a great weekend...Ray in SC USA

René PleinAir said...


I was a bit lucky about this one,
just discovered it when i went home last time we painted. :-)

Color, mjamie! I Googled a while ago for Llandrindod, that's also a great village Rob! You should give it try someday!!

Minimal use of color, .... hmmm for me its almost an explosion of it. hehehe. Thanks for the nice words.