Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tendon inflammation.

Due to a old tendon inflammation on my right shoulder
I've been unable to make a daily painting,

i hope i will very soon!

Sorry for this!


Peter Yesis said...

Hope you feel better soon. Spring will wait a little longer for you to heal.

Anonymous said...

Hi René!

I know this kind of inflammation - I had it the last year and two years before... In this time I started drawing and painting with my left hand. It was a very good exercise - which I can recommend!

I wish you the best and a imminent healing!


Cara said...
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Cara said...

Sorry about double posting - I should proof read my posts before I send them.

Anyway, hope you recover soon -

rob ijbema said...

that was my first thought paint with your left hand,you've painted to much with the right one!
hope you are well soon rene,i sure miss your progress,but a break can be good!

Schuivert said...

Take care René! Better give it time to get back to normal, it's so important.

I have a problem with my right arm too at the moment. But found out I do surprisingly well with for example using the mouse with my left hand.
Didn't try painting wit left yet, but why wouldn't that go surprisingly well too?

Hope your shoulder heals soon.

René PleinAir said...

Thank you all for the nice words
it's getting a bit better, and although i had some problem with a allergic reaction from a aspirin (I am now red blotted ;-)) i'm looking forward to going out to paint tomorrow!