Saturday, July 14, 2007

A great day in Arnhem, Holland.

Had a great day in Arnhem.
My girlfriend went shopping together with her sister
in Arnhem. I went with her but only to paint in
several places (3), .... starting with this one.
On the other side of the road is the local museum
of modern art, so you see, I am almost there!!

"Goedenmorgen Arnhem." Arnhem, Holland.
(Goodmorning Arnhem.) Oil on board.
16 x 24 cm.

Tomorrow part II


rob ijbema said...

excellent Rene,you do these so well.
i have to do some city scapes soon!
i painted today instead of shopping aswell,,,isn't life great,hihihi

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Rob,
I'm looking forward for your
stadsgezichten, ... it much cheaper
then shopping.