Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Ce n'est pas un tableau." Holland.

Ce n'est pas un tableau,'s war.

Clouds rushing ahead wind is blowing fast and furious, light
is running through the landscape and I, I try to capture some of it.

It's a big time struggle, but what a time!!

"Ce n'est pas un tableau." Duiven, Holland.
(This is no painting.) Oil on board.
17 x 30cm.


Lori McNamara said...

What do you mean, no painting? Looks like a good one to me, nice winds! I like the one with your reflection, thats very cool.

rob ijbema said...

lekker uitgewaaid?
kop op,no good times without bad times...not every painting/day can be your best

Peter Yesis said...

I can't wait to get back outside. Seeing your blog let's me know what I am missing.

René PleinAir said...

It does look good Lori, you of all people should know how it is painting in windy weather!! That doesn't mean it will be your best work yet Rob but its the same as sizes it doesn't matter, what does is what Peter is talking about, the experience the adventure the feeling of being alive, While not being the best painting its definitely the BEST painting-days

rob ijbema said...

maybe it was just your holidays
i always feel frustrated coming back...

Anonymous said...

Incredible sense of the movement in the air. The clouds and entire painting are fantastic!