Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Proud Wilma." Holland.

Painted it yesterday evening, ... it was such a lovely
warm evening I couldn't resist. My eyes felt on this
house because it stood so proud near the road behind
the trees, I just had to, ....

"Huisje Wilma." Westervoort, Holland.
(Proud Wilma)Oil on board.
24 x 30 cm.

Ow, .. The house really is called Wilma btw.


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Funny comp! The house and the trees are a little bent to the right, which gives the painting a special mood. I hope you were sober when you painted this. ;-)

Lori McNamara said...

I like it! How do you know the house is called Wilma, does she have a sign? I wonder how they came up with a name like that? I guess I better name my house now, it won't be Wilma though!

Ed Terpening said...

I thought of you today! I was in Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco and stopped by the windmill and flower garden donated by Queen Wilhelmina. The windmill used pump water into the park, and now just sits there looking pretty :-)

firefly said...

I love your style and your palette. Your paintings have a very special feeling and mood to them, which I enjoy quite a lot.

Best wishes with your career as an artist. You have something special going on.


rob ijbema said...

nice one Rene,
hope you realise how lucky you are with the weather,early evening is time to light the fire here!
you are brave splitting the painting in two identical parts ;-D

René PleinAir said...

Hahaha Stefan your morbid figure!! You should know that by the coast every tree is leaning, even more then this one did.

Thank you Lori, The house had a sign on it, ... I wonder also, but I don't gonna find out, it enough as it is. Why not Wilma? It's a nice name although does make me think about the Flintstones, .... WILMA!!!! :-D

Hehehehe Ed, I can go better then that, I bought some new wooden shoes "Klompen" this vacation, .... I still walking on them. :-P

Thank you Firefly, you to with your new blog!! "Vuurvliegje"

Thanks Rob, yeah I know, although fog and haziness and all those changing is also nice