Monday, November 19, 2007

"Peters huis." Holland.

Stayed close to home today, its cold outside and
rainy, those two things aren't great fun to be painting in.

This is a little house besides the dike from Westervoort.
I know the guy who's living in it a bit an artist as well.
Just after the house the roads turns hard to the left,
to get underpass the main bridge to Arnhem, if you look
closely you can notice a glimps of it on the right-side.

"Peters huis." Westervoort, Holland.
(Peet's house.)
Oil on board. 18 x 24 cm.


rob ijbema said...

this is making me home sick rene,
very nice mood!

René PleinAir said...

Poor Rob, that wasn't my intension.

Thank you, ... :-D