Thursday, December 06, 2007

X-mas is starting. Holland.

Sinterklaas (Judith describes this feast beautifully)
hasn't left Holland yet, and all
people are buying X-mas trees already!

Aah well I give a nice scene for me to paint.

"De eerste kerstbomen." Westervoort, Holland.
(The first X-mas trees.)
Oil on board. 22 x 24 cm.


J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Hey René!
Oh my! Thanks for the mention of my blog. I'm glad I got the Sinterklaas story correct and that you like it!!! Hope you had a good 'pakjesavond'. :o)

In our house, we don't put our X-mas tree up until the 15th of Dec. But you're right, X-mas is starting earlier every year here than even when I first moved to the Netherlands. (Ik vind dat een beetje jammer.)

Your painting is wonderful as always...even in this awful weather you make beautiful things.

Groetjes en tot ziens!
Judy (and Sacha)

P.S. Sorry, I didn't have time to do the 'tagged' thingy right now. I'm off to France for a bit..where I think the weather is just as bad as it is here!! LOL

Jason Waskey said...

As early as it may start where you are, it may be even worse here in the United States.

Some retailers start X-mas merchandising before Oct 31st...!

Nice picture René!

Sheila Vaughan said...

I am an old Scrooge Rene but you might well persuade me to change my mind with this one

Anonymous said...

Hi Rene! Wonderful composition in this painting! Love it! Merry Christmas!! Claudia-Marie

Leslie Sealey said...

This is a lovely painting!

René PleinAir said...

Thank you all!!