Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank you Rob!!

Rob ijbema has helped me a lot, by lending me his weblog
for trail mails, .. I couldn't get the emails setting right, ...

All the time I made a comment on his weblog, ... and it wasn't
that hard to do because it was fun to see that fun day again and again, ...

So I wanted to give it a bump up those lovely paintings we
and Seago made, together with some photo's and the story.

Photo from Jan Lafeber



and mine

Rob, thanks again, not only for lending me your blog,
but also for this lovely memory.


Roxanne Steed said...

Wow! I see you guys are E. Seago fans, too! I love his work - I see the influence of his style in your work - I've had this book for several years & just pulled it off the shelf last week to read again - we must be on the same 'wavelength' & thinking alike! Cheers, Roxanne

René PleinAir said...

Yes Roxanne I am a great fan of Seago, ... his simplicity is just stunning.

rob ijbema said...

i'm a great fan of rene!!