Saturday, February 23, 2008

Watercolors Nijmegen.

Out with my girlfriend, to Nijmegen a large city nearby.
Maneged to squeeze out to watercolors.

"Nijmegen I" Nijmegen, Holland.
watercolor and Indian ink on 300 grms grey grained paper.
Aprox. A4 size.

"Nijmegen II"
watercolor and indian ink on 300 grms paper.
Aprox. A4 size.


rob ijbema said...

Nijmegen twee gets my vote!
wouldn't like to commute there

Suzanne said...

Hey! I performed in Nijmegen two or three times at the Café Majeux. More watercolors! I really like #2.

marina broere said...

#2 is an absolute stunner!