Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Zutphen, Holland.

Went today to Zutphen, ...
My girl went shopping and I went painting, a reward full day.

Here is one of the two I maneged to paint.

Tomorrow I go to Zelhem, a little farm town deep in the Provence here.

"Zutphen." Zutphen, Holland. sold.
Oil on board 20 x 24 cm.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Sounds like you're enjoying life! That must be Sint Walburgskerk. Is it?

Anonymous said...
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René PleinAir said...

Hi Suzanne,

No it isn't its the "Wijnhuistoren"
I enjoy life every single day, ...

Thanks but no thanks Jon, ... pity all that spam.

rob ijbema said...

there's that blue again!
wow love the brightness in this,
must try some cobalt soon,MichaelR
over at wc does good things with it too.

virtualjourney said...

Lovely picture, you have a light touch!