Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring comes and goes. Holland.

It feels like living in the past, ....
because I post again a painting from yesterday.

During this session a photographer came by and
took some shots I ask him to mail them to me, .. and he did.
Always fun I reckon to place them here as well.

"Lente komt en gaat."Westervoort, Holland.
(Spring comes and goes.)
Oil on board. 24*30 cm.

Here some of the pictures:

(No Rob no new jacket, .. just an old rain coat. ;-))


slimjohnson said...

You have a really great ability to convey the feeling of atmosphere. I return often to see your work.

Edward B. Gordon said...

great to see you at work my friend !

Pablo said...

I like the color, the composition and the sky of this.

I think that house was constructed in that place hoping that you went to paint it someday.

rob ijbema said...

great to see those action shots Rene,just hope you didn't get paint all over that photographer!