Monday, April 28, 2008

"Kant nog wal" Holland.

Again one from the harbour near Arnhem.

I painted this one on the gangway from the ship I painted
a few month ago, ... > here <

"Kant nog wal" Arnhem, Holland.
(Shore nor ship.)Oil on board. 18 x 24 cm.


rob ijbema said...

excellent rene,love the subject,the water and the titel

rob ijbema said...

like the composition and crop too!

Lori McNamara said...

I like this one a lot too, looks like the tide is up. Yesterday is super also, it looks like around here.

Jack Riddle said...

Rene--found you through Rob Ijbema's blog--and glad I did. Your work is so well done--not only as you interpreted a scene but from a design standpoint as well. I was watching a special on the Netherlands on TV this morning--on the "Today Show." I have visted a couple of times, but haven't gotten around much. The show and your work inspires me to go back. Thanks, Jack