Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Café 't Plintje." Holland.

One thing I really can't while painting, and that's thinking!
I noticed the error only when I uploaded it from my old computer
to the new one, ...

I guess nobody will ever notice it and to be honest it is MY painting
so I may make these errors as much as I want.

"Café 't Plintje." Velp, Holland.(sold.)
(Cafe the little Plinth) Oil on board. 24 x 30cm.

Anybody know what's the mistake?!


Pablo said...

I do not know, but I am going to dare to try it: If those three white lines are part of the building, then the parasol is floating in the air.

Anyway, with or without the error, is a very beautiful painting.

Keith said...

Is it the lower central glazing bar on the left-hand window? If not I give up. Anyway, I wish my mistakes looked as good as yours. Keep up the great work

Lori McNamara said...

I looked and looked, couldn't find a thing wrong, I see its sold so the customer didn't see anything wrong either. I see the umbrella has a pole when I make the painting large.

The lower central glazing bar, I see that is missing, but that would not bother me. I would explain it away by saying it was a trick of the light. I only saw it because Keith pointed it out.

I don't see your signature, wouldn't have noticed that either but I saw on the other blog where someone found that.

Your umbrellas are green over there? We seem to have a lot of blue ones over here now.

I love the red pot!

The painting is a gem!

Barbara said...

One window has panes on the bottom half and the other doesn't.

A lovely painting. I love cafes like this. Do I get a free trip if I've found the "error?"

Larry Seiler said...

not surprised it sold...your work is really becoming so very good, Rene...

congrads...and a treat as always to check your site out!

Raluca said...

just cheked again:for me the speling look without mistakes:)).Funny to see everyone come with a different idea!This is really a great paint,the actual owner must be very pleased:is something to look at in a claudy day and get in mood!!Congratulations!