Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"De Waag." Nijmegen.

Just home, from a days painting in Nijmegen, ...
A bit tired so just the painting.

"De Waag." Nijmegen, Holland.
(De Waag) Oil on board. 30 x 22 cm.


Teresa said...

Love your color choices! Beautiful painting.

Alex Perez realist painter said...

Perfect !!
Keep you wonderful work Rene.

Johanna Bohoy said...

Very nice.


Raluca said...

this is the one I like most from the last ones you posted-aparently I have a weakness for your duch terasses,bacause I like all you painted:you get so well the atmosphere,that I can feel the smell of the fresh coffee in the air and here the wind sound in folliages!Awesome work!!