Monday, June 02, 2008

Garden "Het Hofje." Holland.

Discovered a new painting-spot!!

A lovely little garden run by an nice old man who was very friendly
gave me first a fresh drink, man what a heat today! and at the end
a nice cup of cafe. and when i was planning to get home I discovered
a apple in my bike-helmet :-)

A great garden, with all kind of little spots to paint.
Here is one of them.

"Het Hofje." Aerdt, Holland. sold.
(Garden Het Hofje) Oil on board. 24 x 30 cm.


Raluca C said...

Another great series of paintings,one more beautiful than other!!This wonderfull green garden remind me so much of one I saw in Limburg area!All my admiration!

rob ijbema said...

wow wow wow,that is a very fine painting rene,you really pulled this one out of the hat err bike helmet,must be my favourite of yours

rob ijbema said...

eh, meneer rene bedoel ik...

Pat Meyer said...

This looks like a wonderful place I would like to go. Quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. Thanks for capturing that moment in time for all of us to see.