Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Doetinchem" Holland.

On from yesterday also, .. it's such bad weather today.

The great white blob on the right is some sort of artwork called "D-tower".
It's made by the artists Q.S. Serafijn and Lars Spuybroek. It can change color
from red, yellow, blue and green, each of those colors represent a state of emotion.

For me .. for me it looks like one giant tooth.

"Doetinchem." Doetinchem, Holland.
(Doetinchem.)Oil on board. 20 x 24 cm.

Big tooth.


Pablo said...

In the photo, that thing looks to me like some kind of alien. Holland has been invaded from the space :P

René PleinAir said...

I think not Pablo,

I've never seen it burn, ...
I even wonder if it works at all.

But during the day it's just an ugly smudged white blob on legs.

John Nicholas said...

You have made a noble gesture to realism in your painting by including that hideous thing. Do you have any kind of art-thugs that can abduct it in the night?

René PleinAir said...

I am afraid there aren't any.

Lori McNamara said...

Eeee! It does look like the aliens have landed!

Where it is red, the tooth must be sore!