Friday, July 25, 2008

Gouda !!! Holland.

To exhausted to give any comment, ...
except that it was marvelous!!!


rob ijbema said...

gaaf rene
isn't the top one of the turfsingel
by the little gulden brug,where we painted on the other side?
wish i was there!

René PleinAir said...

Yes it is Rob, ... although this one was way much near the station, the third one is made on that spot you mention. Yes a pity you where not there, maybe next year in Tilburg?! Btw. I have my passport, ... :-)

Alina said...

wonderful!! i loved it! i myself am an artist well just a beginner and i would appreciate if you would have any advices or comments on my paintings on

John Nicholas said...

Love the last one. (the fourth one down). So loose, so full of life, almost abstract; it dissolves into color and light. (you know I do have a birthday coming up)