Sunday, October 26, 2008

Got my paintings!

Today I've got my paintings back from Llandrindod, .. thank you Rob!

It was a very nice trip and I still think about it quite often.

"Stal van Clive." Llandrindod, Wales, Uk.
(Clives farm.) Oil on paper.


AtelierBrigitte said...

I love this one! The quietness of the stable, the peace from the cows. It's good to have your paintings back else I would have missed this one ;)

Leslie Sealey said...

Ooh, this is lovely! You did an outstanding job with your brushwork. What a nice variety of hard and soft edges, and just enough detail on the cows. They look warm and cozy in their barn. : )

René PleinAir said...

Aah thank you two,
Very nice to visit my blog!