Sunday, December 07, 2008

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Colour, Obsession, Joy and Torment
The Daily Painters Art Gallery 2008

From around the globe, 146 artists gathered in cyberspace. We donned our best berets, and set out with our paintbrushes and easels in one hand, and our computers in the other. Our mission? To bring you the world, one brushstroke at a time.

We traveled abroad, and explored our own back yards. We walked through farms and gardens, cities and factories. We sat for a while in restaurants, bars and cafés. We rummaged through kitchen cabinets and tool sheds. We strolled on sandy beaches and sat on the docks, meandered through forests and climbed mountains. Sometimes we journeyed through worlds of our own imagination.

We painted our world, in all its splendor. Friends and families, strangers and crowds, caught forever in everyday poses and outlandish outfits. Dogs, cats, fish and birds frozen in time. Cows in lush meadows and colorful bears. Scenic panoramas and tiny flowers. Fast cars, old trucks, boats small and large, and bicycles. Peaches, pears, cherries, peanut butter sandwiches - admired and then devoured. Vases and bowls, tools and toys, arranged in just the right light. We captured children playing and loved ones napping. We painted our favorite pastimes, secret places, and childhood memories. And, we recorded more than a few sunrises and sunsets.

We delighted in the colors, obsessed over the details, laughed in joy, and even endured a few private moments of torment. Then, we logged onto our blogs to share our experiences with you. Turn the page for a glimpse into our worlds, or visit for new visions every day.

165 pages of delicious color, with over 500 images by 146 of your favorite Daily Painters Gallery artists! 8" x 10", perfect bound softcover, for only $39.

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Color, Obsession, Joy and Torment

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Raluca said...

impressive collections and styles!!
I must come back for a second look(with a coffee also:))Congrats!