Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Koopavond." Arnhem, Holland.

Three today!!

I am posting the last one, maybe the rest tomorrow.
If you can wait that long hurry over to my website I would say.

"Koopavond." Arnhem, Holland.
(Shopping night.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Leslie Sealey said...

Wow! This is a fantastic painting, René. It is very different from your usual color choices and I like the dramatic lighting.

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Leslie,

to be honest I couldn't see any colors at all, reddish streetlight you know. It was completely mixing on feelings, ...

Anonymous said...

I love this painting!!! I am also a painter who loves night scenes because buildings, streets and squares look totally different than during the day, almost like another world. Your nocturnes are splendid!!!

Shelagh said...

I've just found your site and am blown away by it! My husband was both architect and artist with his main interest in buildings and boats so you have given me such a boost at a sad time - thank you!