Thursday, December 11, 2008

"School # II." Velp, Holland.

I passed this school so often, can't remember how many times that is,
but each time I thought "I have to paint it someday!"
Today was the day, ...

It's an old time school, many of these schools are already teared down
or out of commission, this is one of them, they only use it as teaching room
for art class or as studios for artist or something else.

Here it's an art class Atelier Creso named, they even have a website.

Atelier Creso.

"School #II." Velp, Holland.
(School #II.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Sarah said...

I love these old buildings too. I especially like the ones that are abandoned and forgotten. It looks like this one is still loved though. Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments, it's nice to know that someone is 'out there'.

rob ijbema said...

i used to go to school in a building like this,i'm drowning in my nostalgia now,lovely,lovely
i like the contrast between the sharp front trees and the softer one at the back

Candy Barr said...

Beautiful. Such a lovely contrast between the orange horizontals, the vertical branches and roof lines.