Friday, January 09, 2009

"IJvrij !! " Velp, Holland.

It's really unbelievable beautiful over here!!
I hardly can keep up with all the scenes everywhere.

"IJsvrij !!" Velp, Holland.
(Ice free !!) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Unknown said...

Yes Rene,
you made it so!!!! You catured the sun the light and the people going around their business in a truly impressionistic way. Great job Rene'

Raluca said...

you captured the beauty of winter...peace and snow everywhere!!
The last artworks are really fanstastic,I also love the loneliness of that old tree you choosed as a subject!!IMpressive!!
wish you all the best and a wonderful week-end!

SiLa said...

Nice scene :)

alberto valentini said...

Nice one again. nice shadows. I noticed the picture of you making this painting. Too bad I'm missing this lovely spectecal.

René PleinAir said...

Thank you Mariano, ...
You know that's one of the nice things of painting
you can add as much ice skating people if you want,
there where not that many on the ice, ....

Thanks Raluca, you to all the best.

Thanks Sila.

And you miss a lot Alberto really too bad!
Hope you cure very soon, wish you all the best
maybe we meet next month, I am looking forward to that!

Jane Walker said...

This is a lovely graceful painting and the two either side of it - I guess Avercamp used to get more chances to paint this kind of thing than you - but we think it will go on a bit longer so I look forward to your continuing efforts - my invitation coming next week for 27th All the best