Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Scheepsschilder Arjan." Arnhem, Holland.

Getting ready for the big ships show this weekend, ...

Arjan of the ship The Nobiling was still busy with it as well
Nice model though, ... hehehe.

"Scheepsschilder Arjan." Arnhem, Holland.
(Ship-painter Arjan.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

Their is so much to paint over there that I never be able
to put it all on the Daily Painters site,

"Ykade." Arnhem, Holland.
(Ykade.) Oil on panel.
15 x 24 cm.


Adam Cope said...

Cool René!

Your boats are fab as usual & I'm enjoying the white & balck 'scaffolding' to your good, strong, solid compositions.

Can I ask how you painted a person 'en plein air'? Was he painting slow enough & not moving very much?

René PleinAir said...

Hey Adam!

Thanks for the nice comment.

Painting people, yes eeuhm just go
for it i would say. Their only two things to keep in mind paint them lean and slim, and remember that the heads are mostly on eye level.

Arjan wasn't that fast and I started with a burnt umber + Ultr. blue wash so every form was quite fastly done. After that you put in a little color, the mind will fill it up easily.

Once you tried some people, it's great fun to put them in. Ow the last tip, try to give them purpose!

Good luck!

Diane said...

You are amazing! My friend is from Holland, I am going to show her your site...such beautiful paintings....