Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back from Schinnen!

Wow what a holiday I had, although I guess many of you
would say that I hadn't had any after seeing my paintings
I made over there, but it was sooo beautiful over there,
I have to search for nice spots here, but have to choose
spots there, ....

The upcoming days I will upload them, ... here a overview :-P

"Schilderijen Schinnen 2009."
(Paintings Schinnen 2009.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rene, I thought these were all photos until I clicked on the image (lol).....They look FANTASTIC!

Robert T said...

welcome back. Glad your break worked out so well.
Looking forward to the paintings.

rob ijbema said...

i like'm all,hehe

Liza Hirst said...

Yes, they DO look fantastic!! You must be very satisfied having produced such a wonderful body of work...

Erik van Elven said...

They look great Rene. Looking forward to the updates again.