Friday, September 11, 2009

Papiermolen "De Middelste Molen." Loenen, Holland.

It's hard to get started again, after almost 4 weeks
of painting around in new areas. But luckily I have lots
of stuff to do at home and made some appointments with friends
to paint. To stay on the radar I place some work from
my last painting trip.

This was mostly made inside after a day on the heather
with lots of wind and rain, so you can imagine how nice
is was.

"Papiermolen "De Middelste Molen."" Loenen, Holland.
(Paper-mill "De Middelste Molen.")Oil on panel
18 x 24 cm.

"Schildert daar iemand?" Loenen, Holland.
(Is there someone painting?) Oil on panel.
18 x 24 cm.

"Uitleg." Loenen, Holland.
(Explanation.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Gretchen Kelly said...

I like the different perspective you are painting on these latest ones.

Keith Tilley said...

"a day on the heather
with lots of wind and rain"

Sound familiar. :)

I like the light in these.