Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Dag zomer." Velp, Holland.

I painted this tree last spring also, and here he is again
in full autumn colours, ... what a treat!

> Here < the other painting.

"Dag zomer." Velp, Holland.
(Goodbye summer.) Oil on panel.
18 x 24 cm.

Btw. forgot my turp again .... !!


AtelierBrigitte said...

Great work - today was a beautiful day: bleu sky and all those autumn colours - you've captured it great!

René PleinAir said...

Hehehe thanks Brigitte,

I had a great day today with my girlfriend walking through the woods enjoying this awesome autumn. And saw this tree on our way home, I just couldn't resist.

Frank A. said...

See ? It pays to go for a walk with the girlfriend, right?
You have captured the essence of autumn with the painting of this tree.
Good for you , Rene.

Smiles.. :~)

Erik van Elven said...

You're making a habit out of forgetting things to bring with you?
Great painting, I remember the tree.

Keith Tilley said...

What a beautiful subject. You should try painting it in each season.

"Btw. forgot my turp again .... !!"

That's one advantage of acrylics that I hadn't thought of - There's usually some water nearby! :-)