Saturday, November 07, 2009

Betere foto's (Better pictures.)

Just to show how much it's differ, ... see previous post.
Making photo's with artificial light, or in daylight.

"Blauwe brug."

"Lopend water."

Ow btw. these are more live like!


Erik van Elven said...

Quite a difference indeed. Do you shoot Raw or JPG? With Raw you can change the whitebalance afterwards but ofcourse your camera must support it.
Do you work on masonite Rene?

Sarah said...

beautiful work Rene, whatever the light!

Lauren Maurer said...

Nice job!

AtelierBrigitte said...

This looks so not-Dutch - great work!

Keith Tilley said...

If you've got a 'white-balance' setting on your camera you can set it manually. I always stand a piece of white card in front of the painting and set the white balance using that. Then whatever the light is like, the camera can adjust to it.

René PleinAir said...

I do tweak my photo's a little but daylight is the best compared with artificial light. Indeed I work on Masonite, I used to work on just ordinary board-fibre but Masonite is sooo slightly expensive that I go for that, it's much more water resistant and harder pressed so it can take a little more bumps.

Hey Thank you Sarah,
nice to see you around here.

Thanks Lauren.

Indeed it doesn't does it Brigitte.
I was soo excited when I saw the spot, ... but never expected to be soo hard to paint.

That whit card is a good tip Keith, I'll gonna use that one.