Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Watching the cows." Arnhem, Holland.

Passen op de koeien." Sonsbeek, Arnhem, Holland.
(Watching the cows.) Oil on board.
24 x 30 cm.

what a strange title, you probably would think!?
But when you look closely you can see that little fellow
laying on the grass watching the cows, ... it's really there
that little fellow and it's an artwork as well, some sort
of Fido dido, ...

In real it's an artwork from Alain Sechas, an France artist who made this sculpture
called "Lazy King"

Foto: Hans Broekhuizen.

I like it, it's funny and definitely gives you a happy feeling
seeing him lying around in the most beautifulest park in my area.


Liza Hirst said...

Oh, I love it! Your painting and the sculpture! And the beautiful house in the beautiful garden....

Nancy said...

Mooi geschilderd! Sonsbeek is altijd mooi :)

Sizun said...

I like this painting with a work of art in the work of art, and the green foreground which gives so much depth to it.

Judsons Art Outfitters said...

Makes us nostalgic for the cows we used to have...Dutch Belted. They're *so pretty*

Jo Castillo said...

I love your cows! Great depth. And, I love the sculpture in the beautiful place.

Ed Terpening said...

Really like the composition, nice feeling of expansive space.