Monday, February 08, 2010

"Langs Overhagen." Velp, Holland.

Didn't thought I was able to paint today.
For one I had some businesses at home, and
for second it was sooo cold today, ...

But I did maneged to get out and found this little spot,
quiet please with it.

"Langs Overhagen." Velp, Holland.
(Along Overhagen.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Jani Lori said...

I love this painting! Good that you got to get out and paint today.

René PleinAir said...

Thanks Jani,
It was cold though, much colder then I expected. after two hours painting you really have to warm up somewhere.

Rebecca J. Dunn said...

I absolutely love your work! I subscribe to quite a few blogs and every time I'm scanning them for an interesting read, it's your paintings that stand out among all the rest. Please keep posting your great work and thanks so much for sharing your talent!

rob ijbema said...

you deserve a medal rene or even a nighthood!
for going out in all weathers all the time
this one brings me in the mood for seago!

Bruce Sherman said...

The warmth in getting "out there"... is always best appreciated ... when one returns to the warmth of your home.The "glow" is kindled by the knowledge that "You" didn't give in to the cold.. and this lovely sketch stands as witness to your perseverance! Well done rene!

Good painting... and warmer temperatures! HAHA!

Raluca said...

I liked very much the colorful one posted just few drawings above, but this one is by far my fav!It has such a melancholic-woody feel to it,I can almost smell the gras!

Annelotte Fellinger said...

I like this one a lot! I was walking on the heather in Bakkeveen this weekend, and you could walk in the marsh too, because it was all frozen solid. The snow does make all these places just that little more beautiful.
(ps. its quite, not 'stil' :) )

René PleinAir said...


Rebecca, Rob and Bruce, Raluca and Annelotte, your all too kind!

Quite quiet and quit. I can't keep them apart!