Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Oerkracht." Sonsbeek, Arnhem.

Maybe the last beautiful spring day this week,
clouds already appearing, and a sense of thunder is
almost there. Anyway a great days painting in Arnhem.

"Oerkracht." Sonsbeek, Arnhem. Holland.
(Raw power.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

What a tree!


linda said...

Lovely painting. Trees cast great shadows, don't they.

René PleinAir said...

Hi Linda,

Yes indeed shadow are great, but this tree doesn't need them, he is imposing enough by himself.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Hi from Australia-

Nice paintings, you really get the dark and light right, giving the pictures a good solid feel..

Out of interest, do you use actual black, or do you just combine other colours for your darks?

René PleinAir said...

Hi Ben,
Thanks for your nice comment.
I don't use any black :-O
(Have you ever googled for Johnny the nice painter btw.?)I use a kevin McPherson's palette, Ultrm blue dark, alizarin Crimson med. and Cadm Yellow light. and Titanium of course.