Monday, May 10, 2010

I give in or I give up, ....

Yesterday I made some work with my earlier palette (Macpherson's one)
and it was soo nice, almost as coming home after a long time away.
Today I made the decision, ... I give in, ... or is it give up? I think it's more
a giving in, Menck palette doesn't seem to fit me so well, or maybe doesn't
fit so well in the Dutch countryside. I do wonder now how Macpherson
palette would work for Kevin Menck area or work, but that's up to him
to try, ... I'll tried Mencks palette a month now and although I still find his
work awesome his palette isn't what I thought it would be at first. (for me that is.)

Anyway, I am back to my own palette and enjoy it very much now.
Eager to discover what I'll learned more from Mencks palette, we
will see in the future what that would be.

Todays work, was made in Oosterbeek, together with Johan Reinboud again,
and this time he took a student with him, Henk Vos, a nice afternoon painting
on top of the World.

"Zig zag landschap."  Oosterbeek, Holland.
(Zigzag landscape.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Keith Tilley said...

Well it was a useful experiment and you can now be even happier with your palette.

To be honest, I like the work you've done with both palettes.

Kevin Menck said...

I think the work you did with my palette was gorgeous! I'm not kidding. The greens are beautiful.
By the way, I started plein air painting with the McPherson palette and through process of elimination came to what I use now. I have a lot of green here in middle Tennessee and the Scarlet really makes a nice compliment to the greens.

Art with Liz said...

I really liked your work with the Menck palette, but this is also jolly good! Maybe different palettes for different situations?

René PleinAir said...

Thanks for all the support.

It was indeed a useful experiment, I never knew that a change of palette would be having such an effect on my work. I still think it doesn't work herein Holland, and going through Kevin's work again I now notice much more the sun accelerate over there. There is almost always a blueish haze in Mencks work this haze is only seen on very hot sunny summer days here in Holland, ... a well I don't know. I am only glad that I could give it a go. Liz working with both palette isn't an option for a plein air painter like me, it would just take too much to clean palettes and take and extra load of paint with me, plein air is also about traveling light you know, ... ;-)

Erik van Elven said...

It was good to see you working out of your comfort zone, makes you think about color again.