Saturday, June 19, 2010

Painting Trevor. Cancale, France.

This is likely gonna be my most treasured painting.
I normally use a digital camera as viewfinder and
wanted to paint a whole different scene. I noticed
Trevor paint and took a sneak shot of him, but when
I blocked my painting in I saw that I had the wrong
picture on my digital display, ...

During the last evening everybody showed their work
and I ask Trevor if he would write something on my
painting, ... HE DID!!

"Painting Trevor." Cancale, France
Oil on panel. 24 x 30 cm.

Ow this painting is NOT for sale! ;-)


Denise said...

Love your work & your dedication! Keep it up! denise in N'ville, TN

rob ijbema said...

excellent painting rene
the background is terriffic!
nice to see a bit of color in the sea,and ofcourse the subject is awesome