Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Turning a Morris into art, ... Holland.

First my painting of today, and man do I feel lucky that I
could paint! Started today with cutting out all the rusty
bits in my Morris, but after 4 hours of looking and cutting
I really had to paint, ...

"Panoven." Oud Zevenaar, Holland.
(Panoven.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

Here some photos I shoot from the underside of my Morris,
I think it's almost art, ... what do you think?



Art with Liz said...

Haven't been around for a while and am so pleased to see that you've increased the size of your pics Rene! Your paintings can now be seen in all their wonderful painterly glory!

You have a Morris? I thought they all had died and gone to heaven???

René PleinAir said...

That's strange Liz because all my paintings a "clickable"

Hehehe not all have died yet, but they are trying very hard to reach heaven, ...

Luckily my angle grinder prevent my car to give up living.

beckielboo said...

Well you'll get a laugh out of this! I had no idea what a Morris was.

From your photo's I thought it was and RV.
I tried Googleing "What is a Morris" and "Holland, Morris".

Finally returned to the photo's and decided to try Morris Automobile - WALLAH!

Turned that into images & could see many examples of "the Morris"!

Know I know! So not just an artist, an educator, too!


Raluca said...

:))I think the same!very artistic ''poin of view'',even for one like me,who dosen´t have anything in common with mechanic&cars-I actually thought,at the first sight,that is a(don-t laugh)..train:)
I didn´t know anything about ''Morris'':))