Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Drie op een rij." Arnhem, Holland.

Waking up I had this scene in my mind and at the spot
I thought a Cadm.Yellow wash will do the trick, and for
me it did, ..

"Drie op een rij." Arnhem, Holland.
(Three in a row.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

Annelotte Fellinger pointed out that this painting could use a border, ...
I think she right, so here you go! 

Thanks Ann,


Annelotte Fellinger said...

Very nice, moody and abstract!
Needs a border though, it looks washed out on that grey.

Annelotte Fellinger said...

I woud swear I left a reaction here earlier today ??

Anyway, I liked it, moody and almost abstract. A black border around it might protect it against the grey of the blog ;)