Friday, July 02, 2010

"Oranje boven." Arnhem, Holland.

No not the soccer-match, although the Dutch players did awesome job this evening!
No the title point's at the orange shades on the building in the distance, ...
at one point they became sooo illuminated, almost a sign about this evening.

"Oranje boven." Arnhem, Holland.
(Orange above all.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

Ow yeah, .... Hup Holland!!


The Stationery Concierge said...

I love this - there's orange everywhere if you look carefully - my favourite colour. (And by the way Holland has the support in our house!)

Keith Tilley said...

Hello René,

Just looked in to see what you've been doing recently.

I like the reflections in this one - such a peaceful atmosphere.

Art with Liz said...

Beautiful Rene - and lots of orange here at the moment. Well done to your team!!

Fernando Pena said...

Hi René, good paintings in your blog

René PleinAir said...

Thank you all,

Hehehe Laurie,

Many artist use a orange pink undertone.

Hi Kieth,
Thanks for your visit, it was peaceful I'll guess that has more to do with the heat wave around here, ...

Lol Liz,
Those Dutchmen are going everywhere don't they?

Thanks Fernando, much appreciated

steve strode said...

Hi Rene, just found your site. Really like the studies your doing, remind me of the two years I spent working all around Holland. All the best, Steve.