Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Morning Stroll." Westervoort, Holland.

Pfieeuw after a week hard working on our bedroom,
(new wallpaper, floor and painting doors windows ect.
I finally was able to get out today, ... what a joy.

Bit rusty I thought so close to home, ... hehehe.

"Morgenwandeling." Westervoort, Holland.
(Morning stroll.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

(Sorry for the glare, a new mixure of the underground)


Erik van Elven said...

Beautiful Rene, I like the texture showing through and the hint of the people gives the eye some extra interest. Good job.

Julianne said...


Keith Tilley said...

No sign of being rusty here, just beautiful as usual. From what I've seen you're pretty good at painting doors and windows as well! /-)