Monday, September 20, 2010

Ziek, ill, and malade

Urrgh, ....

One off the downsides of autumn is that you hardly can dress for it.
At one moment the Sun is shining very intense and the other it's raining cats and dogs
and you become soaking wet,... good weather to become sick.


AtelierBrigitte said...

Ach gossie, wat een zielig beertje.


Keith Tilley said...

Sorry to hear that René. Hope you get better soon.

consuelo said...

Saludos para ti René ...recuperate pronto.

Anonymous said...

beterschap rene
zou het wel weer fijn vinden om met je te schilderen
gewoon in de buurt van jouw of tiel
met zijn twee
ben op dit moment niet in een beste "fase" heb een beetje hulp nodig om daar door te komen

René PleinAir. said...

Thank you all for the best wishes,
I am feeling a little better, ...
It's luckily just a cold.

Sil, altijd gezellig om ergens te kwasten, ...


Kevin Menck said...

You might want to hurry and get to the doctor. You're starting to look a bit like a teddy bear.

schilderijen said...




Frank A. said...

Okay, Rene..That is enough time off !...Now,up and at 'em. :) I miss your new ones and your enthusiasm.

Take care..