Sunday, January 02, 2011

A great 2011, ... Everyone!

Back home after a awesome holiday in the south of Holland
called Limburg, somewhat hilly which reminds me of Wales.
Although Wales wasn't that snowy when I visited it, what
a sight that would have been?!

Anyway painted a lot so relax and enjoy, ... (the first part.)

Euverem, Holland.
Oil on panel. 24 x 30 cm.

Gulpen, Holland.
Oil on panel. 24 x 30 cm.

"Richting Reijmerstok." Reijmerstok, Holland.
(Towards Reijmerstock.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

Valkenburg, Holland.
Oil on panel. 24 x 30 cm.

"Vanaf de Vosberg." Reijmerstok, Holland.
(From the Foxhill.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.


Heidi Malott said...

Rene', what lovely paintings. I love the snow and the wonderful colors of the buildings. Stunning! Glad you got to paint so many on Holiday. Happy New Year!

DickRink said...

Wat een fantastische serie, René! A great 2011 to you too.

Erik van Elven said...

Wow, beautiful Rene. Limburg doet je goed :)
Fantastic series. Looking forward to be painting with you this year.
Happy New Year!

jimserrettstudio said...

Beautiful work.
Thanks for inspiring me all last year. Looking forward to another year.
Happy new Year.

AtelierBrigitte said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Frank A. said...

A great portfolio of winter paintings, Rene...My kind of "stuff".

Have a great 2011 !

Gregory Becker said...

Beautiful work Rene. I see landscape painting as an invitation and artists choose to send that invitation through color or composition or any number of things but I see something unique in your work. I see that there are varying degrees of activity in regards to movement. The most activity occurs in the backgrounds and only slightly does the activity slow down in the foreground and it really draws you in. Your work has an absolutely incredible invitational quality to it. I am going to borrow that principle and see what happens in my own work.

J.R. said...

Just lovely !
Well done !