Friday, January 14, 2011

"High tide with rain." Arnhem, Holland.

Sounds a bit like fish and chips, but it's soo common
over here rain rain and then some rain, a bit pity though
because of the awesome high tide. You have to know,
the last time it was soo high was 1995. I sheltered
under several bridges today, ... it's narrowed my
compositions but kept me dry, ... my palette I mean!

"Hoogwater met regen." Arnhem, Holland.
(High tide with rain.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

"Vanonder de brug." Arnhem, Holland.
(from under the bridge.) Oil on panel.
24 x 30 cm.

Setup photo, no onlookers today!

1 comment:

Keith Tilley said...

Good work in those conditions.

The water levels look alarming!